How To Satisfy Woman – 7 Tips About How To Satisfy a Woman

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post! How are you??:) Today I come with a very interesting news, which will make all of you very happy. Today I gonna share to all of you the 7 tips about how to satisfy a woman, in bed of course. Sounds good right?? Okay so let’s check it out :

Tip 1 : Make her relax, take your time before undressing her

The fact is it’s harder for women to get an orgasm if they are stressed. You need to do more foreplay and make her as relax as she can. Maybe you can give her a back massage, start kissing her body up to the neck and finally her lips. Make her comfortable with your kiss, hold her hand while kissing her. She will feel comfortable and safe if you do it this way. Don’t touch their breast or vagina first, make them wondering why you are not touching their sensitive part. It will make her to become more aggressive and horny.

Tip 2 : When you undressing her, remember to make it interesting and memorable

Instead of taking her shirt off in a simple way, try to do a new more interesting way that is unusual. Pull her shirt up over her eyes until she can’t see you, start to kissing her body up and down and REMEMBER kiss her randomly. She won’t be able to see where you are going and that will make her really sensitive to your touch. After kissing all of her body, take off her shirt one by one starting from the shirt, undershirt, bra, pants, and underwear slowly while still kissing her lips.

Tip 3 : Take her to another room, make her confuse

If most of the time you do it in your bedroom, try something new and make her curious. Take her to another room in your house (which still private and nobody could see both of you of course), do it in another way. Try new position even if you are not experienced in it yet. This will make her excited and both of you won’t bored with the same style over and over.

Tip 4 : Do not use lubricants or toy!

Make it natural and don’t use any device or chemical things when you are having sex. You don’t need that kind of stuff, trust me, you want to make every sex you had with your wife full of memorable experience, fun and of course SAFE. Women have their natural lubricant that fills their vagina when they’re turned on just like men’s. By using that kind of stuff will just fooling you around and wasting your money to give your lovely one with fake satisfactions. Make sure you satisfy your wife with your own way, try new style and give her a romantic word that will make them even more turned on.

Tip 5: Make your sex last longer

All of us know, the most important part in having sex with your lovely one is not coming to fast before her reach an orgasm. You want to make her happy and feel you are great, but if you don’t know anything about how to satisfy a woman, then you’re done. So that’s why this is the most important part in having sex. There a lot of ways to lasting longer, one of the most effective ways is focusing your mind in other thing. When having sex, don’t think about her breast, her vagina or anything else, divert your mind from all of those things. If you feel your P is coming up and you can’t hold it anymore, stop a while and start kissing her, focus on other thing like the sports match, your work or anything else. Don’t let your mind to make you horny, just make it calm by thinking another thing and you are good to go again.

Tip 6 : Give her another good service

One of the best ways to help her to reach orgasm is by giving her an oral sex. If you are good in doing it, she even will reach multiple orgasms! Oral sex, in studies and researches, is much more satisfying women than intercourse is. I don’t know the fact about this thing but overtime I feel that oral sex is awesome and make my wife going crazy.

Tip 7 : Ask what she like and prefer

I think a lot of you know that the most effective way is by asking your lovely partner what they like and dislike. They know better than all of the men in the world about how to satisfy a woman. Don’t be shy or feeling weird, just ask them directly and they will give you the most ‘killing way’ to satisfy them and make them ask you for more and more. Discuss it with your partner and starting from that day, your partner will love you even more than before. I did it and my wife can’t live without having sex a day with me now. icon smile How To Satisfy Woman   7 Tips About How To Satisfy a Woman

Okay so those are the 7 tips about how to satisfy a woman, I hope that those tips will boost your sex life with your lovely one. If you want to know more about the ultimate secret in how to satisfy a woman in 3 Simple Steps and Starting Tonight you can go to my sister site :

How To Satisfy a Woman in 3 Simple Steps Starting Tonight

Thanks and happy practicing! icon smile How To Satisfy Woman   7 Tips About How To Satisfy a Woman

  1. A shame how females downplay themselves to ‘satisfy’ their man… Do wht ur supposed to, & u won’t need another woman in the bedroom.

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