How To Prolong Intercourse – The Best Way on How To Prolong Intercourse

How To Prolong Intercourse?

It seems that a lot of people don’t know the exact answer about how to prolong intercourse. Many people keep having sex with bad experiences and knowledge of lasting longer in bed. Some people drink beer to make their penis harder and think that the beer will make them relax. This is a very wrong perception about how to prolong intercourse.

So let me make this straight for you by giving all of you some knowledge about how to prolong intercourse.

How To Prolong Intercourse – Secret Techniques About How To Prolong Intercourse

  • One of the most effective methods to prolong intercourse is by using the “stop and start” method. You learn to recognize the stage after that you cannot control ejaculation. This method trains the person to remove the stimulus just before the climax, so that the urge to ejaculate is controlled. Once the stage is past, you can resume the activity again. (Click here for more information about “stop and start method”)
  • Be creative! When you realize you are going into climax, stop immediately and go for creative style points. Stop the intercourse, start licking her body, stick fingers in different holes, suck her toes, or anything else comes to your mind. Those thing just to distract your mind and make you last longer. This is a very effective method in how to prolong intercourse.
  • Prolong your foreplay duration. It simply has an incredible impact on how long you last while having sex. And also how much both of you will enjoy this lovemaking session. Do you know that in most sexual surveys, women complaint a lot to their partner because of not having enough foreplay? Make your foreplay session interesting and long enough to make the lovemaking session even more attractive.
  • The Liberty Statue was not built in a day. This is same with improving your sexual endurance. Keep learning and always learn new thing about your sexual need, don’t forget to implement it in your life, test it with your partner to see which one give the best result for you. Learn your partner sexual landscape and you can use that benefit to please her without blowing too early. If you want to learn many more about how to prolong intercourse techniques, you can go to my sister site how to prolong intercourse.
  • Do you know that frequent masturbation is a really effective way to boost your sexual endurance? If you masturbate frequently your body can get used to stimulation in such way that you can prolong intercourse. When masturbating, use this technique, just before the climax, stop the stimulation and wait until you feel good, after that you can stimulate your penis again. Repeat this process several times, your penis will get used to it.

Those are some techniques about how to prolong intercourse. Make sure to read and implement it while having sex and I’m sure that your sexual endurance will improve in short time. Hope that useful for you, if you want learns more techniques about how to prolong intercourse you can Click Here.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned because new post will come soon.

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